The Niagara Self Storage Company

Entrust Your Storage Needs to Us!

Niagara Self Storage is your trusted partner for self storage space needs. Whether it’s extra furniture, clothes, toys, tools or anything in excess of what your home can hold, we’re the logical solution for safe, secure storage in Niagara. Located in Fort Erie we’re convenient to most areas of Niagara to ensure quick access to your stored goods. Aside from household items, we’re also the perfect place to store boxes of business records or personal financial records along with vehicles and much more. We have a variety of sizes of storage units and a quick visit to this area of the website will give you a graphic representation of what you can fit into the various units.

Give us a call today and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff to discuss your specific self storage needs.

The Niagara Self Storage Company is your “go to” facility for self storage in Niagara.